Emperor Grehergher

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The last recognized Shyedarian dynasty was that of Emperor Grehergher and Empress Htomari, which had lasted roughly 150 years. The dynasty ended roughly 60 years ago when the then-leader of the Shyedarian Marines, Roughesh, staged a coup d'etat, invading the Imperial Palace (or as more commonly known, the Crag). Grehergher was killed in the attack, while Htomari escaped. They had three children at the time: two sons, Sufur and Vrilnashter (who was known as Haeliaxce at the time), and a daughter, Morlhug. All were captured and processed into the military after their memories were erased; Morlhug died during the fighting, but Sufur and Vrilnashter remain alive.

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