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[edit] Guild Templates

Guild Templates are recordings of the personalities, brain patterns, and memories of well-known workers that are saved and replicated across new potential recruits in The Mechanics Guild .

There are roughly 1024 patterns that have been recorded by the Guild.

Patterns are organized and deployed based on compatibility with the new member, what type of work that is being assigned, and general adaptability between the template and the new inductee, and compatible species. The closer the match, the better the template will take hold. Generally the same species is preferred as that allows for cleaner imprinting, but adaptations are created to help with cross species programming.

The template does not overwrite the original person's memories and brain patterns, it simply overlays. The new recruit will be themselves, but with new tweaks and quirks of personality as the two fuse together.

Templates usually have the following effects:

  • False memories: Recruits that go through the process usually have memories of a life they didn't have. An example of this would be a template that came from a worker who had prison time in his past and is on a work-release program would have that belief extend to the new worker.
  • False Likes/Dislikes: What the recruit lies and dislikes may change. They may suddenly have appetites for foods or drinks that the template loved. They may suddenly have cravings for things they've never heard of. Music, colors, etc all can change as their perspective is altered.
  • Training: Any knowledge, skills, abilities, techniques, that the template has gone to school for, had practical knowledge of, trained for, practiced, and worked a job for ... will transfer with a good chance of success to the new recruit. This method drops down the amount of actual lesson and training time for a template from training from nothing to training to reinforce.
  • Habits/Quirks: Drugs, addictions, nose picking, public farting ... if the template had them, odds are the receiver of the template will as well.
  • Presentation: Usually the person will have a yearning to dress, act, and take on certain quirks of the template on themselves. Did they like wearing red? The recipient will tend to like wearing that as well. Not showing so much? That could carry over.

All of this is in addition to the standard Mechanics Guild Training that the templates receive.

[edit] Known Templates

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