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Jalmas is the Capital City of planet Arpaio, belonging to the Rshast.


[edit] Image, Jalmas Waterfront


[edit] Map


[edit] Physical Statistics

 Area:  Urban, 500 sq km; Metro, 4,100 sq km
 Population: 5 million
 Density:  1150 per sq km.
 Racial Breakdown:  Rshast (70%), Shyedarian (10%), Shedarian (12%), Human (4%), Cibosan (2%), Kr'rawk (1%), other (rest). 
 Elevation:  Sea Level to 3500m within Metro Area.

[edit] Climate

The climate of Jalmas is temperate, the city usually maintaining temperature due to the lack of tilt of Arpaio. There are seasons but they are not as strongly pronounced as other worlds known to the Dynatic. Jalmas normally keeps a even temperature year round, but has been known to have heat waves and cold snaps, sometimes with snow to the displeasure of a signifigant percentage of the population.

[edit] Geography

The town is surrounded by a inlet of water leading to the Central Ocean to the east, the west is covered by a tall mountain range that also contains a lake, the north being the opening to the valley leading to Black Gazza and the grassy plains to the south that is important to agriculture. A space center on top of a mountain that is exposed outside of the atmosphere is available to the northeast along the A2 route.

[edit] Entertainment

Jalmas contains Knanqh Arena, a place where various forms of gladitorial combat occurs nightly.

[edit] Residental

Along the A1/A3 routes, the central beltway for Jalmas are several residental arcologies, large structures that contain various shopping centers, restaurants, apartments/condos, and other commercial space available in each one. Each one can house about 50,000 residents and are self sustaining. Each one usually earns a transportation stop point for at minimum a shuttle stop, the more elaborate and lavish locations having transport nodes.

[edit] Transportation

Inbound and outbound planetary traffic needs to recognize that a Atmospheric Conditioning Period may be required to visit Arpaio and Jalmas as the atmosphere is vastly different than a number of worlds regionally. This may require use of a pressure chamber for a time period of three to five hours (each way). Quick visits can be helped by use of a Represant.

[edit] Roadways

Jalmas contains several beltways that go through Jalmas and the satellite town and cities and have several branches from the central hub.

Highways labeled A are Arpaio based, S are Stronum related. Arpaio's roadways are labeled as S once the road leaves an altitude higher than the recommended levels due to oxygen consideration. This is because the spaceports of Arpaio are controlled by the Central Government of Stronum and belong to the Space Authority for maintenance, upkeep, and policing.

 A1 -- From Jalmas to Black Gazza and the farms and small mining towns inbetween.
 A2 -- From Jalmas to Shand, a short highway to the mouth of the inlet of the body of water that feeds Jalmas.
       A2 feeds into S17 and leads to the Arpaio Central Space Complex.
 A3 -- From Jalmas south to the Western areas of the southern continent.
 A4 -- From Jalmas east to the Eastern sections of the southern continent.
 A10 -- Spur leading from A3 to the small lakeside town of Quarter Bay.

[edit] Shuttles

Both shuttles, aerial and road, exist for the general population but have limited hours, mostly constricted to the rush hours and are noted to be expensive.

Arpaio has a station meant for planetary travel to other cities and locations on Arpaio, including flights to Black Gazza, Shand, and other destinations on the northern and southern continents.

[edit] Trains

Trains are used through Jalmas on regular schedules, transporting populations from the inner circles of Jalmas to the external cities and towns. There are underground and elevated train systems are in place within the inner circle downtown of the city.

[edit] Matter Transmission Stations

Several are located around the city away from sensitive government and industrial and population centers with a few secure exceptions. This is a very quick and very expensive operation for people to use to get around, but, has high reliability. Ships in orbit equipted with Matter Transmission capabilities can use these with proper payment arrangements or government clearance.

[edit] Represant

These mechanical or biomechanical creations are available to use and rent.

[edit] Inspiration/Notes

Mostly, I modeled Jalmas after Tucson, Arizona and Oakland, California. Mixing these two population centers is an interesting challenge.

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