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[edit] Characters

Information pertaining to characters,

Creating a character Guide to designing a character on ShyeMUSH
  Basics Basic considerations when creating a character
  Traits Character traits, e.g. race and gender
  Backgrounds Coming up with background information for characters
Running your own in-game area Interested in running a starship, space station or colony? Read about it here.

[edit] Game Areas

Active areas in the game that are available for roleplay

CIS Firestorm Large, luxurious starship under the control of the CIS

[edit] Rules

Official game rules.

General Legal mumbo-jumbo
Building Regarding building rooms and objects in the game
Characters Regarding characters
Coding Regarding code written by players within the game
Conduct Regarding player conduct
Logging Regarding logging on ShyeMUSH

[edit] Newbie

Information for players new to MUSHing.

Basics Basic information about how to play on a MUSH
Commands Commands that are common to MUSH
Creation How to create objects and rooms in MUSH
Retcon Information on what Retcon means
Roleplaying Guidelines on how to roleplay on a MUSH
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