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[edit] Thetas

Thetas are a drone class of worker/citizen within the Heirarchy and with The Mechanics Guild.

[edit] Mechanics Guild

Within the Mechanics Guild, Thetas are known as employees who are not there of their own free will. Usually considered to be a member of the prisoner (or is made up of people who are on a work-release program) or indentured servant class, they are usually committed to a set length term with the Guild to do various functions in the city to help society.

Thetas are usually equipped with:

  • An Eyepiece, cybernetically linked to their eyes, sometimes outright replacing it, and linked with a small inner ear (or ears for stereo) implant to have a full communication link. Through this link, instructions, instructional, educational, and entertaining videos can be played. It is known that basic programming instructions for Thetas can be sent through this link easily especially when worn at night. All guild members get this particular piece of technology, but Thetas tend to have theirs riveted to their heads, at least, the mount for one is installed with the intention of permanence.
  • Inhibitor Gas Vaporizer to assist with keeping a Theta to the terms of their work-release or contract.
  • Mechanic Guild Uniforms appropriate to station. This includes appropriate headwear, coveralls, general issue clothing when off duty or to wear under coveralls, at least two pairs of footwear, gloves, and any other gear as needed for their station.
  • Tattoos depicting the Guild, Team Number, and various other decorations.
  • Employee Badge
  • Standardized educational provided detail and reward/behavior reinforcement pursuant to their role, task, and team.

Thetas are deprived of their valuables, including cash and savings, during indoctrination to help cover the cost of processing and are issued Guild Currency, good for any approved services in the Guild.

Once secured, new Thetas are evaluated to see if they are a good fit for a Guild Template and if they are, they are merged with one to enhance productivity.

[edit] Life of a Theta

[edit] Food

In Widgis and similar Guild cities, food is provided free of charge to those that are actively on duty. Generally as a benefit, once a week a pass is issued to each Team in the Guild permitting a team to go out and eat at a place of their choosing within the city provided that the entire team goes.

[edit] Living

Thetas are seldom allowed to live in an independent structure, such as a house, condo, or similar. Thetas are required to live with their teams, whether it is in one of the work buildings or in one of the Guild Approved Dormitories. Rent is covered provided that the Theta provide a certain level of service to the city and Guild.

[edit] Pay

All Thetas are paid a living wage using Guild currency that they may spend at their discretion. About 80% of vendors within the Guild Site of Employment will honor this currency, compared to the 0% outside of the Site that will not.

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