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[edit] Prehistory

~100,000 years ago
  • A'rthans disappear from the known galaxy.
  • Shyedarians become sentient. Shyedarian Age of Enlightenment begins.
~20,000 years ago
  • Shyedarians develop their first real civilization. Shyedarian Classical Age begins.
~4,000 years ago
  • Shyedarians develop hyperspace drives using Vedihno boundary-piercing technology, begin colonizing other worlds.
~3,000 years ago
  • Radiation from Melatarin's sun changes. Shyedarian civilization collapses. Shyedarian Age of Fire begins.
  • Shyedarian scientists help genetic test subjects escape Melatarin before succumbing to radiation.
  • Test subjects settle on Shedar IV, become known as Shedarians.
~2,000 years ago
  • Emperor Roughesh I unites the Shyedarians, founding the Shyedarian Empire and starting the Shyedarian Renaissance.

[edit] Current Age

[edit] Shyedarian Revolution

Year 0
Year 50

[edit] Age of the Commonwealth

Year 60
  • Present time
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