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Excuse for my post but I do not have money to buy meal to my children. Forgive me please.
Excuse for my post but I do not have money to buy meal to my children. Forgive me please.
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 Kydheril Accord
 Shyedarian Revolution
 Treaty of Kyuusei


 Black Gazza
 Kydheril Station
 New Shedar
 Shedar IV


 CIS Assembly
 Dynatic Mapping Corps
 Commonwealth of Independent Systems
 Omari Cartel
 Srrrylat Hierarchy



 Defanu Tanaka
 Defanu Tsoami
 Emperor Grehergher
 Emperor Roughesh VI
 Empress Htomari




 Sol Karichee






 Zulu Sector


 CIS Firestorm
 SRV Risshtal


 Hyperspace Drives
 Matter/Antimatter Reactors
 Neoplast Weapons

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