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Niwob is a small farming town inside of the Valley of Shuulgar on the planet Arpaio.

This town is right outside of Sentury Rocks and is considered to be half a day away from Black Gazza and is the halfway point between the prison and Why. A7 runs right through the city and a branch of A7 shunts off the main path and runs along the southern branch of the Val Demon mountain range to a set of farms that take advantage of the water run off of the smaller but still substantial mountain range.



Area:  Rural/Urban, 3000 sq. km incorporated
Population: 37,000
Density:  12 per sq km.
Racial Breakdown:  Rshast (30%), Shyedarian (30%), Shedarian (20%), Human (10%), Cibosan (3%), Rasafac (3%), other (rest). 
Elevation:  625m to Top Of Atmosphere
Water: 3.5% of surface.  There is a lake within city boundaries fed by a river from the eastern branches of the Val Demon mountains.  


Niwob gets very little precipitation other than a periodic rainy season, other than that, the environment around Niwob is very dry and hot. Temperatures vary very little during the season, temperatures ranging from a low of 20C to a high of 60C in the day time. Temperatures, on the other side, can drop down to -10C to 30C in the evenings. Winds can come up through the pass that Niwob exists in that separates the Valley of Shuulgar with the rest of the planet, causing the occasional dust storm that occurs with high winds from the temperature differential of the two air masses.


Niwob exists in the pass that separates the valley of Shuulgar with the rest of the planet and is considered the key to entering the Valley and exiting. This point within the Valley is the furthest north that any air transportation is allowed and on limited and heavily monitored ways due to the restrictions imposed by Black Gazza. The pass is flat with sand dunes that randomize the layout of the land until the hitting the slopes of the Val Demon mountains. The start of the eastern branch of the mountain range starts here, starting as modest peaks until reaching around near the oceans, where they start to reach the top of the atmosphere with regular frequency. The slopes of the mountains are very steep on the west side of the pass, gentler on the east side. The fact that the mountains on the east side do not go over the atmosphere and the geographic uniqueness allows the mountains to capture water and fortunately direct water to run into the valley, rather than out, giving life a chance to exist in Niwob and north.


Most of the population in this area live in a centralized downtown along A7. From the center of town branches off several roads to the west and east leading to smaller incorporated and unincorpoated towns, villages, and hamlets that exist along the mountains and under the shadows of the Sentury Rocks. A small gridwork of roads, mostly unpaved, provide a physical structure for housing developments to exist, including several Shyedarian villages off in several oasises in the incorporated area which have existed since the Shyedarians came to Arpaio to set up Black Gazza. These villages purportedly have a mixture of the Shyedarian and Shedarian breeds from several movements of bringing peace to both species, the people finding this remote and isolated location perfect to exist peacefully and without the general disapproval that both the Shedarian and Shyedarian cultures would judge upon this arrangement. These communes are well respected and defended by the town without question.

As of lately, Niwob has been a target for those that are seeking quiet solitude, retirement, and just staying out of the way of civilization and development.


Niwob is supported by Black Gazza for all of their equipment maintenance and upkeep. They are charged with the task of keeping up the vehicle fleets, water pumps, HVAC, and other critical equipment needed by the prison. In recent years, farmers and miners have also come to this town to get machinery and equipment fixed, repaired, maintained, and occasionally purchased from.


Niwob sells farming equipment, transportation vehicles, and various goods to support Black Gazza, Farming, and the Mining efforts within the valley. There is a number of small stores for selling of food goods, textiles, and various other novelties including goods that were made by inmates in the prison.


The employment market in Niwob is quite tight and competitive, most of the residents either retired or connected to Black Gazza. Many of the staff at Black Gazza have dwellings in the city itself during their off-months from the prison. Other people find work with farming, both for foods that tend to grow well in the soil along the edge of the mountains (which includes food products and plants that are used to make fabric and fibers for textiles), and digging for fuel minerals within the rich mountains. The rest of the employment market is composed of service style jobs in hotels, stores, and other retail positions.

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