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=== Camouflaging Ability ===
=== Camouflaging Ability ===

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Spatial Interface and Transpositional Harmonics Engine

A class of spaceship designed and controlled by the Dynatic. Only 256 are known to exist in The Annulus at this time. These ships are one of the few classes that are known to be able to travel The Annulus within a casual timespan.

The interior of the ship itself does not move, but rather, it flings a portal from one spot in Real Space to another while it's hyperspatial component remains fixed in position. The Doorway, which can manifest itself as any object by transmuting material from one from to another, can be effectively camouflaged to match it's background to the choosing of the pilot.

The interior of the SITHE exists within a hyperspatial layer considered much too high for most technology to reach considering the natives of the Annulus. All SITHEs are connected together in an exotic structure known as the hyperlabryinth, occupying a complete hyperspace layer near Layer 0. The hyperlabrynth connects all 256 SITHEs together, but the SITHEs are constructed to be separate entity in case of catastrophic destruction or feedback within the system causes a SITHE to face destruction.

The SITHE obeys universal physics and cannot travel in time.

SITHE Technology

Camouflaging Ability


The SITHE interface can draw matter or energy from it's environment to create or render itself to look just like any object. Boot Laplace has created his ship to look like an ice cream truck, outhouse, garbage truck, or an IKEA.

Spatial Compartments

Since the SITHE is just a doorway leading to a layer of hyperspace, the ship gives the appearance to be much larger on the inside than the outside.

Fully Loaded, Fully Padded

SITHEs contain quarters, luxury accomidations, advanced healing bays.


Most SITHEs are designed to be piloted by three to six crewmembers.

SITHE Pilots

SITHE pilots are Dynatic personnel of the highest caliber and pass a number of exaustive and extensive tests in order to work and operate one of the most sophisicated machines in The Annulus. Such studies usually takes an extensive portfolio of work with the Dynatic, passing the Master's Level courses of Dynatic Ethics, and usually the highest level of recommendations are usually needed for one to be considered for one of these craft. Usually pilots are required to be Myxotar embraced. These pilots are endlessly drilled in piloting and how important it is not to interfere with cultures and other governments lest they taint the pureness of the primary product that they produce -- reporting on and informing about other cultures.

  1. 84 -- Boot Laplace


Boot Laplace has disconnected his SITHE from the hyperlabrynth such that no other Dynatic Officer may access it.

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