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Stronum is the homeworld of the Rshast. It also serves as the Capital of the Administrative District, responsible for the oversight of all the Clans of the Rshast. The Capital city (and center of all Rshast business) is Modis.

[edit] Statistics

 Moon 5-18     
  Distance from primary:       0.033   AU
  Mass:                        0.996   Earth masses
  Equatorial radius:           7070.6  km
  Density:                     4.023   grams/cc
  Eccentricity of orbit:       0.116
  Surface gravity:             0.81    Earth gees
  Surface pressure:            0.933   Earth atmospheres
  Surface temperature:         17.02   degrees Celcius
  Normal daytime temperature:  21.99   degrees Celcius
  Normal night temperature:    11.72   degrees Celcius
  Maximum temperature:         45.27   degrees Celcius
  Minimum temperature:         -12.89  degrees Celcius
  Escape Velocity:             10.60   km/sec
  Molecular weight retained:   7.06 and above
  Surface acceleration:        794.88  cm/sec2
  Axial tilt:                  13      degrees
  Planetary albedo:            0.258
  Length of year:              104.99  days
  Length of day:               17.04   hours
  Boiling point of water:      98.1    degrees Celcius
  Hydrosphere percentage:      54.13
  Cloud cover percentage:      46.44
  Ice cover percentage:        1.20
  liquids at surface:
                               Ethanol      melts at -114  boils at 77
                               Mercury      melts at -39   boils at 354
                               Bromine      melts at -7    boils at 58
                               Water        melts at 0     boils at 98
  gasses in atmosphere:
                               Oxygen           33.0%  PP  307.5 mb
                               Nitrogen         66.7%  PP  622.5 mb
                               CarbonDioxide     0.1%  PP    1.1 mb
                               Ozone             0.1%  PP    1.3 mb

[edit] Surface Map


[edit] Other Planets that are Related

Duotarin -- Desert world located in the same Jovian system as Melatarin, home of Black Gazza.

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