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'''Mostly Harmless.'''
'''Mostly Harmless.'''
[[Known Flora And Fauna]]

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Surf is a habitable planet with a 80% water content on the surface, including ice. It is the fourth planet from it's central star, Briggax (Classification F5V, Luminosity 1.9).

Other than an extensive ring system, Turf is the only natural satellite to this water world. Turf orbits around Surf every 31.5 days and contributes to significant wave and tidal actions, causing volcanism on this world.

Distance from Central Star: 239.565.913 km

Radius: 6,153 km

Gravity: 1.35G

Rotation: 30 hours

Orbital Period: 672.82 days

Mean Temperature: 278K/5C/42F

Atmosphere: He 26%, O2 22%, N2 14%, CO2: 6%

Water/Ice Index: 80%

Mostly Harmless.

Known Flora And Fauna

Surf and turf.png

Surface Map

Surf and turf surface map.png Surf and turf surface map terrain.png

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