Team Crimson Dervish

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Team Crimson Dirvish is a Gladiator Team that performs on planet Arpaio in the city of Jalmas at Knanqh Arena.


Picture of Team Crimson Dirvish, Season I

1209883465.kyroraz kyroteam.jpg

Team Members, Season I

Kyro Akyrian? Green Ranked Gladiator.
Lormyr Cibosan Blue Ranked Gladiator.
Darren Rasafac* Red Ranked Gladiator.
Gesten Rasafac Red Ranked Gladiator.
Kritter Cibosan Purple ranked Gladiator.
Kalberfelixatar (Felix) Lupitrop Pink ranked Gladiator.
  • Reshaped in Ooze, redesigned to resemble something like a Latex Skunk.

Team Members, Season II

(changes to the team)

Hauke? Byqbar Purple Ranked Gladiator.
*Darren Rasafac* Darren promoted to Blue.
*Felix Lupitrop Felix promoted to Purple.
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