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Team Crimson Dirvish is a Gladiator Team that performs on planet Arpaio in the city of Jalmas at Knanqh Arena.


Picture of Team Crimson Dirvish, Season I

1209883465.kyroraz kyroteam.jpg

Team Members, Season I

Kyro Akyrian? Combat Vet and Expert, Kyro stands at about 6'2" and over most of his teammates. Initially introduced into the arena in a pairing with Kritter as a test of a Vet with a Newbie to find out how well such a combination worked. Miraculously, it worked out better than most people expected and the team grew. Kyro appears to be purposefully teetering on the Green Rank, not wanting to be promoted, yet playing well enough to not get demoted, and obviously enjoys the position and rank he is at. Kyro goes all out on the field to a fault, being an effective combat machine and tank on the field, but falls into pitfalls and traps almost carelessly. Going one-on-one against Kyro is not recommended for most opponents.
Lormyr Cibosan A combat vet as well, almost having the experience that Kyro does, Lormyr came less from the military side of the combat spectrum, coming in from the police forces of the IPPF. He was caught on Arpaio and subjected to Arena life. He joined Kyro's team not only as a Gladiator but as the Team's Bureaucrat and Accountant, handling all paperwork and finances for the team. He's known to be somewhat stingy and cautious with money. This causes the occasional conflict when Kritter splurges on mudbaths and videogames and when Darren splurges on chocolate.
Darren Rasafac* Red Ranked Gladiator.
Gesten Rasafac Red Ranked Gladiator.
Kritter Cibosan Technically the first member of the team, wanting to have a cool team and a desire to be a gladiator (for the Arpaio mud) but was unable to do such without a combat vet to sign off and join him. He convinced Kyro to join him (with drugged bacon) and the Arena decided that linking a Combat Vet with a Combat Newbie (with explosive proximity collars) would make for great ratings. Particularly when Kyro would get upset with the Cibosan. Kritter has a good heart and just wants to have fun -- usually at the expense of the entire team.
Kalberfelixatar (Felix) Lupitrop Pink ranked Gladiator.
  • Reshaped in Ooze, redesigned to resemble something like a Latex Skunk.

Team Members, Season II

(changes to the team)

Hauke? Byqbar Purple Ranked Gladiator.
*Darren Rasafac* Darren promoted to Blue.
*Felix Lupitrop Felix promoted to Purple.
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