The Mechanics Guild

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The Mechanics Guild

The Mechanics Guild is a Rshast Conglomorate of companies, organized by Company_Name_Here run by Xydrox, a deposed Hygapst.

The Mechanics Guild is the generic term for the group of companies that were aligned to create, maintain, fortify, and improve upon a city that is designed on the Arcology concept. Self-sufficient, self-sustaining, defensible, organized "utopian" societies such as Widgis on Arpaio are run by the Guild and it's satellite companies for the betterment of society, life, and existence.

Despite the fact that the guild utilizes satellite companies, each functional group of the city is still organized by the parent company into a list of teams.

Satellite Companies

  • Administration Company
  • Fuel Companies
  • Labor Companies
  • Technology Companies
  • Food
  • Quality Companies
  • Waste/Dispoal Companies


Mechanics Guild workers are classified thusly:

Mechanics Guild Teams

Team Number Team Name
1 Management,CEO Team no Xydrox (CEO) Make your life a living hell.
2 Company and City Planners / Investors/ Board Members no Make traffic a living hell.
3 Resource Allocations (HR) no
4 Resource Allocations Support (HR – help) no Greet new members, support new ones
5 Housing and Living Resources no
6 Public Relations no Flare Starfire (volunteer) Greet new members, support new ones
7 Marketing and Campaigns no
8 Diplomatic Corps no x
9 Bureaucratic Corps no x
10 Quality Assurance - Management no x
11 Quality Assurance - Mechanics yes
12 Quality Assurance - Food no
13 Quality Assurance - Water no
14 Quality Assurance - Air no
15 Quality Assurance - Power Systems yes
16 Quality Assurance - Transportation Safety yes
17 Quality Assurance - Software and Systems no
18 Quality Assurance - Public Safety (police/fire) yes
25 General Security - Public Sector Protection no x
26 General Security - Private Sector Protection yes x
27 Specialized Security yes
28 Law and Contract Enforcement yes
29 Private Investigation yes
30 Combat Corps I yes
31 Elite Combat Corps II (ECC) yes
32 Elite Combat Robot Engineer (ECRE) yes
33 Communications Engineer yes
35 General Fire - Public Sector Protection yes
36 General Fire - Private Sector Protection yes
37 Specialized Fire Protection yes
38 Hazardous Material Fire Protection yes
39 Power and Reactor Fire Protection yes
45 General Law no
46 Patent Law no
47 Judicial Branch no
48 Council Branch no
49 Trade and Economics no
50 General Medicine no
51 Nursing yes
52 General Practitioners yes
53 Cybernetic and Bioware Practitioners yes
54 Contamination Specialized Medical Personel yes
55 Medical Examiner -- works with Legal yes
56 Addiction and Behavior Control Experts yes
57 Pharmacist no
60 Sanitation yes
61 Sterialization yes
62 Fabrication, Repair, and Assembly yes
63 Design and Clothing Architecture no
65 Systems Engineer yes
66 Programmer yes
67 Network Engineer yes
68 Database Engineer no
69 Bioware Compliance and Programming Engineer yes
70 Transportation Drivers yes x Palak (drone)
71 Vehicle Repair Class I yes
72 Vehicle Repair Class II yes
73 Fuel Handlers // Specialized Mechanics // Lubricants yes Takumori (volunteer), Kyro (drone), Argon (volunteer), Elemental (volunteer), Pickles (drone) Viratan (drone)
74 HVAC / Refrigeration and Climate Control // Electrical yes Orca (drone) Human (drone) Lizard (drone) Horse (drone)
75 Nanobotic Control/Application/Fuel yes
76 Nanobotic/Disaster Control Unit yes
77 Waste/Sewage/Trash Engineering yes x Fraang
78 Sewage and Biowaste Specialist yes
79 Special Contanimation Containment Specialists yes
Avionics 80
83 Hyperluminal Mechanics yes
Oceanics 90
100 Hospitality Engineering no
101 General Sanitation Engineer yes x
106 Chef -- Cook no
120 Communications Engineer yes
121 Entertainment Engineer no
122 News Engineer yes
123 Field Reporter yes x
124 Network Engineer yes
140 Power Engineer yes
141 Power Expert yes
142 Transmission Expert yes
143 Specialized Reactor Engineer yes
144 Specialized Mobile Reactor Engineer yes
160 Structural Engineer yes
161 Bridge Engineer yes
162 Street Engineering yes
163 Building Engineer (Construction) yes
164 Architects no
165 Planned Grafitti Artists Hell yes!
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